Meet the designer

What’s the inspiration behind the pieces?

The inspiration for this collection was Latin American actresses from the 30s and 40s. They were so glamorous!

Anndra Neen design

What’s the process in creating each collection?

We take two inspiration trips a year. Once we are back, we sit and talk about the concept. We then sketch the pieces and have samples made. It is very important for us to see how the jewelry fits on the body. We have designed entire collections in a day.

Who is the Anndra Neen Woman?

We describe her as Mad Max meets lady who lunches. We love women who are bold, daring, and want to stand out.

What’s your daily jewelry uniform?

To be honest, on the day-to-day we wear very little jewelry. We each sport a pinky ring, a pair of studs and an AN cuff.

Anndra Neen design

What’s the most sentimental piece of jewelry you own?

Two gold rings that we designed and made for each other.

What’s the first piece of jewelry you splurged on?

A pair of diamond earrings from Gem Palace in Jaipur.

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