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Any Piece, $29/mo


David Yurman

Retail Value: $325


Retail Value: $500


Retail Value: $880


Retail Value: $600

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We've added lots of new pieces so you no longer have to rank your favorite pieces and not know what you're getting. Now, you'll see a live feed of what's available and choose the exact pieces you'll receive!

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For each month that you're a member, you'll get $10 of credit that you can use towards buying a piece.

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  • Keep your pieces for as long as you want.
  • Exchange anytime, as often as you want.
  • Option to buy pieces at a discount.
  • Minor wear and tear is covered by us.
  • Earn $10 of credit toward purchases every month.
  • Cancel anytime.
  • Average retail price of pieces: $500.

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Switch is a jewelry rental membership service that gives you access to luxury designer brands for one monthly subscription price. You can keep one, two, or three pieces of jewelry at a time depending on your membership plan. Once you sign up, choose your first piece(s) from what’s available in our collection. Add them to your closet, check out, and we’ll send them to you immediately. Keep them for as long as you want (or if you never want to give them back, you can buy them at a discount). When you’re ready for something new, send them back in the same packaging using our prepaid shipping label. Once we receive your pieces, we’ll notify you that your closet is unlocked so you can choose your next ones!
In business/techy terms, we’re still a baby! We literally just launched and if you’re a member, you’re one of the lucky ones since we can only take on a handful of members to start out. Beta means we’re still figuring things out, so things may change on the fly. Membership pricing and our collection will probably change over time and we may ask for your feedback to help us improve as we move forward. We appreciate your patience as we get things off the ground.
Most of your pieces will arrive in new or like-new condition. In some cases, you might be the first one ever to wear a piece. Even if you’re not, a lot of times you won’t even notice--few things in this world hold up like jewelry. We’ve also got a few vintage treasures. The photos are pretty accurate representations of each piece’s condition. We thoroughly inspect and sanitize each returned piece before sending it back out.
Yes, that is why we only get our pieces from reputable sources and have our pieces put through a rigorous inspection process once they are returned by members. If you have reason to believe a piece is not authentic, please let us know ASAP and we’ll do everything we can to make it right.
Yes! Our system shows exactly which pieces in our collection are available at a given time. When your closet is unlocked, you can browse our collection and choose your piece.
You can exchange one, some, or all of your pieces whenever you want. As soon as you’re ready for something new, use the same shipping box and packaging the pieces came in and make sure they’re securely taped shut. Stick the prepaid shipping label we’ve provided and drop it in a USPS mailbox or schedule a pick-up via
Nope. Never. Shipping is free both ways.
Most of our pieces are only made in one size so you shouldn’t have an issue. That said, we mention each piece’s dimension so you can be on the safe side. We especially encourage you to look up a bracelet’s size before renting it out, since some run small and big.
Our average retail price per piece is about $500--we have some items that retail for over $1000 but nothing is less than $100. That said, we choose our pieces based on what we like. We think you should too.
Nope. You can exchange one, some, or all of the pieces at once. We’ll send you back exactly as many pieces as we receive from you.
Don’t worry about minor dings and normal wear and tear. And of course, if anything is lost or damaged in shipping, you will not be responsible. But if the piece is otherwise lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair, If you lose a piece, please inform us immediately. Your credit card will be charged for the member price, which is almost always much lower than the original retail price. Once we charge your card, you'll be allowed to rent out another piece.